Native Globalites' feet in Filandia, Colombia

Our Travel Philosophy

If you’ve read our About Us page, you know by now what Native Globalites is about: a site to share our travel stories in an effort to promote tolerance and cultural awareness and inspire our readers to travel better.

It all comes down to our travel philosophy, which can be summarised in 6 words: Travel to learn, Learn to travel. Here’s what it means to us:

The “Travel to Learn” bit

As fate would have it, our individual journeys converged in Switzerland, a country literally situated halfway between Colombia and Malaysia. In other words, we both have learned what it means to live 10,000 km away from home and the vital importance of understanding and embracing other cultures, not just as a means of survival but as a life-enriching, mind-opening opportunity that we wouldn’t trade for the world.

Sure, it can be hard at times to feel homesick or lonely or frustrated or even discriminated in a foreign country. But what we gained from exposure to different cultures, their values, their traditions, even their food, has been priceless and very rewarding. Especially in cities as cosmopolitan as Berlin and Basel where people of all nationalities come together, such exposure is a very effective way to overcome fears and ignorance, disprove (or confirm) stereotypes, and in general become more aware and tolerant of diversity. This has all been reinforced throughout our life as a multicultural couple. Now we’ve got an extended home from South America to Southeast Asia, as well as easier access to cultures that otherwise we’d find difficult to explore. Not only have we become more understanding and respectful of foreign lifestyles, we’ve become more appreciative of our own cultural heritage. Leaving home all those years ago really paid off!

Through our travels and expat life in Europe, we’ve made wonderful friends from all corners of the world, which has shown us the power of empathy and kindness as a universal way of communication. We’ve also learned other languages and even adopted English as a second mother tongue, which has helped us understand the world better, literally. We’ve learned more history and geography than we ever did from any textbook back in school. We’ve gained confidence in ourselves and learned to live outside of our comfort zone. We’ve become more curious and creative beings. We’ve had the time of our lives. The list could go on, but what we want you to remember is this: travelling is an invaluable and never-ending way of learning. What we’ve discovered from our experiences around the world and the way it has transformed us, is living proof of the positive impact that travelling can have on all of us.

At Native Globalites, we are certain that our world would be a better place if everyone could relate to foreign cultures, which can only be achieved if we transform from tourists to lifetime travellers. This doesn’t mean that you must leave your life behind and take off for good. With an open mind and some curiosity, any weekend trip can easily become a transformative experience; even your own city may surprise you when you look at it from a different perspective.

We hope that by sharing our efforts to become more educated travellers we will inspire our readers to plan better trips, whether they go somewhere around the corner or across the ocean. If our site can motivate just one person to pursue a meaningful travel, we’ll have accomplished our mission.

The “Learn to Travel” bit

Yes, travelling has taught us a great deal about ourselves and the world. But to actually enjoy the lessons, we first had to learn to travel. It takes lots of reading, practice, and patience. It takes trial and error to learn how to prepare for a trip, how to go light yet comfortable, how to handle uncertainty when things don’t go as planned, to accept that a life of travel is not always glamorous and how to deal with it. It takes training to learn to open your mind to new cultures, to be part of them for as long as you visit. Learning to travel is a process that can seem daunting at times and travelling is not always pretty, but the rewards for those willing to try are unforgettable and totally worth the effort.

We know now that preparing for a trip can be challenging: what destinations to choose (and how to choose them), what to pack (and how), where to stay, when to go, what to eat, what to do (and not to do), how to behave, how to stay safe. We hope that, by sharing what we’ve learned from our travel experience and preparation, we can make your life easier before and during your trips so that you can enjoy your big adventures to the fullest. And we hope that those adventures will be as meaningful as they are enjoyable.

It’s nice to be a tourist, but it’s so much more rewarding to be a traveller.

If you, like us, are curious about the world around you and can never learn enough about it, if you believe that travelling will help you grow into a better person, if you prefer to experience a place like a local rather spending time at tourist hotspots, then you might like our blog and what we have to offer. We hope you’ll enjoy our site.

Please do not hesitate to tell us what you think about our site, whether you like it or if there’s anything we could improve. Tell us about your own travels. What is your travel philosophy? What makes you happy when you travel? We’ll be happy to hear from you!